Flying Resources

The club has seminars from time to time offering our members useful information on various topics of interest to them.  The resources below, gleaned from recent seminars are for general use and must not be relied on for navigation.

You must do your own planning. The resources here may help but must not be relied on.

Using the cameras on the Bathurst Aero Club Clubhouse

This handout explains how to install the app which allows you to see the live preview available from both the east facing and west facing cameras attached to the clubhouse building.

The document shows you how to download the app, set it up and use it to show, capture and share the images.

How to use the cameras (PDF, about 1.1Mb) : The serial numbers and usernames to set up all four cameras on your device.

How to get and use an iPad and OzRunways

This is a handout which covers the content of my earliest seminar on getting an iPad and installing OzRunways onto it.

It contains plain and readable information on how to choose an iPad (its size, memory and internet use), how to start it running, how to download the OzRunways program, how to subscribe to the aviation charts and much more.

The first handout does not go into how to actually use OzRunways for planning or navigation. If you want help on that you can find plenty either within OzRunways or on their website. Please let us know anyway.

How you are allowed to use an iPad when flying (PDF, about 32Kb): How you are allowed to use an iPad and OzRunways, and how it can help with a ramp check.

The Dungog Railway Route behind Williamtown

This route is available if the weather is fine and no clearance from Williamtown Airbase is necessary. The handout contains basic distances, directions, frequencies and heights for the trip from Bathurst to Taree via the Dungog railway line.

Dungog Handout (42Kb): Bathurst to Taree via Dungog.

Flying to Bankstown and Back

This handout can be printed and placed on your knee as a reference to the distances and directions and ATC communications necessary to fly into Bankstown airfield, taxi and park.

It also covers the reverse to help you startup, taxi and depart Bankstown back to Bathurst.

Bankstown Handout (92Kb): The Bankstown Handout: The directions and ATC communications required at Bankstown Airport.

Flying Victor 1

This is popular route and a great way to see all the Sydney icons from a point of view which is not available to most people. It is a fantastic trip on which to take visitors and especially overseas visitors. They can see the city from above and can take lots of photos too. We gave a very popular seminar on this topic in 2015 and since then many pilots have given in a try. The normal route is to start at Bathurst, fly south down Victor 1, and stop at Wollongong Airport for coffee or a meal or fuel.

These resources are based on that kind of trip.

Victor1_Handout.pdf (53 Kb): A Victor 1 flight briefing. Directions, Altitudes, Frequencies, Hints, Comments etc. 2 pages

Victor1_Flight_Notification.pdf (118 Kb): Hints on making a formal flight notification when flying Victor 1 and a template for calculating UTC time.

The Garmin GNS 650

We installed a Garmin 650 GPS into VH-BAC in February 2016 to keep the aircraft in IFR category and as part of the ADS-B requirements. This document is a minimal get-started cheat-sheet on its operation covering no more than how to switch it on, use the built-in radio and the direct to function.

The document also contains links for the Garmin website, a simulator for your PC or an iPad App simulator.

How_to_Use_Garmin_650.pdf (4Kb): A brief get-started document on the Garmin GNS 650 GPS unit