About Us

The Bathurst Aero Club is an active club with over 120 members.

We engage in flying activities, encourage and support members to participate in flying activities, we promote an aviation led community whereby aviation activities, learning and safety is at the forefront of everything that we do. We cater to all levels of aviation from ultralight, light sport, recreational and general aviation. The club provides a focus for the local aviation community and represents this community at local, regional and regulatory levels. 

The club, which formed in 1938, embodies a long history and tradition but with a contemporary and progressive outlook. In fact we are one of the oldest Aero Clubs in Australia. The club runs a number of social activities, social nights, flyaways, presentation dinner, youth events, pilot proficiency days and seminars throughout the year which brings our members and onfield organisations together as a community.

We usually have members available in the clubhouse during weekends and flyers are most welcome to come in and use the facilities. You can always get fuel at the bowser with an Aero Refuellers card or credit card. 

 We now sport a very large, well-appointed and air conditioned clubhouse, full of wonderful photos, plaques, models and paintings and aero memorabilia. We have a bar, a kitchen, audio-visual equipment and furniture for meetings, dinners and seminars. 



The club currently owns and operates a Cessna 172SP, VH-BAC, which has recently been fitted out with modern digital avionics. The aircraft is available for hire to all authorised club members.

The club engages with the broader community to create aviation awareness and help support those individuals who seek to be involved in aviation. We act as a pathway for those wishing to become part of aviation.

The club also contributes and gives back to the greater community by partnering with and supporting charitable organisations in their endeavoures to help those in need.