Most pilots enjoy the adrenalaine rush of height and speed, and can live with the possiblity that something might go wrong.  One of our members takes this to a whole other level with his passion for base jumping.

Garry Penglis, instructor at Central West Flying had a love of parachuting and skydiving most of his life, but has taken the ultimate holiday to Canada recently to base-jump 4800 ft cliffs rising from the frozen sea in the Arctic Circle on Banff Island in Canada.

Thank you so much Garry for sharing your adventures with us.

The members attending the social night were in awe of Garry’s feat

A 7 hour ride in a sled behind a snowmobile to get to site, and then set up camp in the arctic conditions.

They hitched a ride daily from sealevel to the top of the 4800ft cliffs to base-jump back down.