A great evening with over fifty members and guests making the event a really positive contrast to the restrictions and uncertainties of 2021. A major highlight was the excellent presentation from guest speaker Owen Zupp describing the epic story of his father’s life – one lived to the full but without fanfare.

It was not possible to make any of the usual awards due to the lack of flying activity in 2021. However the President exercised his prerogative to make awards recognising the efforts of members who have “gone above and beyond …”. So two Presidents Awards were made –

One to Michelle O’Hare for her efforts to promote aviation to youth, publish our monthly safety bulletin and trying to organise fly aways, Pilot Development Days, and seminars, and the other to Hugo Wansey for mammoth task of reviewing the Club’s insurance cover and hire agreement.

Another special “award” was made to Spencer Ferrier for his invaluable legal advice assisting Hugo.

The President made special acknowledgment of the service of retiring Board members Jerry Trevor Jones and Frank Wells. After decades of dedicated service to the Club, Jerry is stepping away from any official roles but won’t be going very far away!