Bathurst Aero Club welcomes three new board members who were recently elected at the clubs Annual General Meeting.

Lenka Melville, Jock Crossing and Steve Ruttley have now joined the board and will contribute to the management and running of the club. We wish Lenka, Jock and Steve all the best in their new roles. Congratulations Steve, Lenka and Jock.

It was a very special AGM as a number of longstanding board members retired, most notably Jerry Trevor-Jones who after 60 odd years handed the Treasurer’s role over to Kingsley Picker. Many thanks to Jerry for your commitment to the club and congratulations to Kingsley.

Also Ian Johnson was elected President, David Druitt was elected Vice President and Jock Crossing was elected club Secretary.

Other elected and returning board members include Hugo Wansey, Trevor Hill, Michelle O’Hare and John Marston, congratulations to each of you. I look forward to taking up the role of President for the coming year and working with the board to deliver ongoing services to the club’s members. 

Ian Johnson
President, Bathurst Aero Club