Our recent 2017 Annual Dinner saw the following members honoured by the club.

Michelle O’Hare, James Aldridge, John Downey (Alex Macarthur Shield,) Peter Begg (BAC/CWF Scholarship Winner), Kingsley Picker

* John Downey was awarded the Alex Macarthur Shield for outstanding progress in aviation.

An earlier scholarship winner, he is commencing his jet training at Williamtown RAAF base this month.

* Margaret Trevor-Jones and Chris Stott shared the Presidents Trophy for their contributions to the running of the Club.

* Michelle O’Hare – GA Pilot of the Year and Runner Up RA Pilot of the Year (Multi-skilled!)
* Rob Conroy – Runner Up GA Pilot of the Year
* John Marston – 3rd place GA Pilot of the Year (but fashion fail.)
* Kingsley Picker – RA Pilot of the Year.

* Thanks to Peter Sweeney for giving a dynamic description of the bombing of Darwin and Northern Australia in World War Two.
(Bigger than Pearl Harbour but nobody talks about it!)

* Thanks to the Quota Club ladies for a brilliant meal.